Welcome!  You’ve found the home page for playwright and novelist David Skeele, and one of the premier sites on the web for horror theatre!  Here you’ll find four acclaimed horror plays, along with synopses, reviews and videos of past productions as well as info on performance rights.  You’ll also have access to a number of vibrant solo plays for both men and women, and several other dark/comic works.  Additionally, I’ve put in sample chapters from my horror novel Raised In Darkness.  If you’re interested in reading further, the rest of the book will soon be available from amazon.com (print copy or kindle). 

I love getting feedback on the site or the writing, so please feel free to contact me directly or to post on the forum!  I’m especially interested in hearing from fellow (and sister) practitioners of the art of onstage horror.  We’re a small but growing community, and I would be honored to offer this website as a place where we can compare notes, ask questions and share experiences! 

Finally, I’ve put on a list of resources for playwrights, novelists and anyone interested in playwriting, novel-writing or any aspect of the horror genre.  Enjoy!